ARCEP to launch a public consultation on the intangible benefits likely to accrue to La Poste through its obligation to maintain territorial presence.

Paris, 12 June 2012

ARCEP is mandated by law to evaluate the cost of La Poste's contribution to national planning and development, a mission that involves operating a network of over 17 000 contact throughout the territory.

Decree No. 2011-849 (pdf - 72 Ko) of 18 July 2011 defines the calculation method to be adopted and provides in particular for intangible benefits to be taken into account.

An initial evaluation of the net cost incurred by La Poste in financial year 2010 gave rise to ARCEP Decision No. 2011-1081 (pdf - 671 Ko). In this first evaluation exercise, ARCEP was unable to take account of the impact of any intangible benefits due to insufficient data for assessing their value.

However, with the studies available to it, ARCEP has pinpointed three benefits that could be included in its 2012 evaluation of the net cost incurred by La Poste in 2011 under the head of its obligation to maintain territorial presence:
- advantage of having an extensive network;
- brand image;
- advertising infrastructure.

ARCEP is submitting this analysis for public consultation and invites interested parties to reply by e-mail to no later than 13 July 2012.

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