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ARCEP visit to the Manche.

Paris, 29 September 2011

ARCEP Chairman, Jean-Ludovic Silicani, along with Executive Board Member, Joëlle Toledano, and several senior members of staff will be travelling to the Manche department on Friday, 30th September in response to an invitation from Jean-François Le Grand, Chairman of the local General Council (Conseil general), and Gilles Quinquenel, President of Manche numérique.

This visit will include a talk on the digital regional development blueprint (schéma directeur territorial d'aménagement numérique or SDTAN) for the Manche, along with an update on fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) rollouts that are currently underway in the cities of Saint-Lô and Cherbourg, and on superfast broadband rollouts projects across the department.

Benoît Loutrel, Director of the National investment commission's "Digital economy" programme, will also be on hand and will provide an overview of the Government's national ultra-fast broadband programme, on the eve of the programme's launch of a "public-initiative network" bureau.

The delegation will travel into the field for two visits: one to a subscriber connection point installed by Manche Telecom, the public-service contractor for Manche numérique, as part of its FTTH rollouts in Saint-Lô, and a visit to the test site for the pilot trials being performed as part of the French government's national ultra-fast broadband programme.

The Chairman of ARCEP, the Chairman of the local General Council and the President of Manche numérique will hold a joint press conference at 12:30 pm.

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