ARCEP welcomes the national roaming agreements signed by Free Mobile and France Telecom.

Paris, 3 March 2011

In accordance with the stipulations contained in mobile carriers’ licences, and to prevent it from being at a disadvantage compared to other carriers when launching its network commercially, Free Mobile has been granted national roaming rights on an existing carrier’s 2G network as a means of completing the footprint of its own 3G network, once it has covered 25% of the population.

ARCEP welcomes this morning’s announcement from France Telecom and Free concerning the signature of this 2G roaming agreement, which has been extended to 3G roaming.

The agreement will help spur a new momentum in the French mobile market which still has significant growth potential. The new offers should indeed be beneficial to consumers while maintaining carriers’ ability to develop, invest and innovate, thanks to their good financial situation which was confirmed by the fiscal results reported in recent days.

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