ARCEP’s Forward Planning Committee was installed this morning under the chairmanship of the Authority’s Chairman, Jean-Ludovic Silicani.

Paris, 12 November 2009

ARCEP’s Forward Planning Committee was installed this morning under the chairmanship of the Authority’s Chairman, Jean-Ludovic Silicani.

When taking up his position, Mr. Silicani had wanted ARCEP to rely on a modern form of governance, based on collective decision-making and on prior in-depth discussions with all economic stakeholders and public institutions, to help increase the efficiency of the State and the quality of public decisions.

Among other things, he announced the creation of a Forward Planning Committee made up of ARCEP Board members and other scientific, technological, legal, city planning, regional development and human sciences experts


The goal is to better identify and understand medium and long-term developments in the areas that fall under ARCEP’s purview: electronic and postal communications.

The purpose of calling on outside experts with wide-ranging views is to help inform ARCEP decisions and enable the Authority to improve the way it carries out its functions of market monitoring and informing stakeholders.

Organisation and work programme for 2010

After this inaugural meeting, the Committee will meet on a quarterly basis.

The public will be apprised of Committee meetings through a new ARCEP publication called, “Les cahiers de l’ARCEP” which comes to replace the “La Lettre de l’Autorité” newsletter, and whose first issue will be published next January. The Committee’s work will also be the focus of an annual ARCEP symposium that is open to all, whose proceedings will be published as well.

The work carried out during the first year (2010) will be devoted to the ways in which supply (technologies, products, services, etc.) and demand (individual and collective consumption) are evolving in the electronic communications sector. This work cycle will conclude with a symposium in spring 2011.

Committee composition

In addition to ARCEP Board members, the Committee will be composed of the following individuals:

- Jacques CREMER, researcher at the Institute of Industrial Economics of Toulouse, IDEI (Institut d’économie industrielle de Toulouse), Director of research at CNRS;
- Michèle DEBONNEUIL, Inspector-General of Finance, member of the Economic Analysis Council, CAE (Conseil d’analyse économique);
- Mathias FINK, member of the Academy of Sciences and holder of the Chair in Technological Innovation at the Collège de France, Director of the Ondes et Acoustique (Waves and Acoustics) laboratory at the University Denis Diderot (Paris 7);
- François HERAN, former Director of the National Institute of Demographic Studies, INED (Institut national des études démographiques), Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute for research and documentation in health economics, IRDES (Institut de recherche et de documentation en économie de la santé);
- Paul KLEINDORFER, professor at INSEAD, holder of the Advisory Panel on Energy chair;
- Martine LOMBARD, professor at Paris Panthéon Assas University, specialist in law and regulation;
- Henri VERDIER, former student of the Ecole normale supérieure (Ulm), President of the Cap Digital technology hub, Director of the Institut Telecom think tank.

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From left to right: Henri Verdier, Mathias Fink, François Héran, Jacques Cremer, Martine Lombard, Paul Kleindorfer, Jean-Ludovic Silicani, Denis Rapone, Joëlle Toledano, Edouard Bridoux, Michèle Debonneuil, Daniel-Georges Courtois and Patrick Raude.

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