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ART announces the frequency allocation scheme for the 410-430 MHz band and the upcoming launch of a call for comments on the 450-470 MHz band

Paris, 24th January 2005

In its press release dated 28 June 2004, ART announced its

new scheme for the use of frequencies in the 410-430 MHz and 450-470 MHz bands under which authorisations for PMR/PAMR networks will be granted.

Following notification of the European Commission, ART’s

decision no. 04-922 regarding the use of the 410-430 MHz and 450-470 MHz bands has been approved by an order of the Minister of Industry, Patrick Devedjian, and published in the Journal Officiel.

With the Minister’s approval, the decision can be applied,

allowing ART to move ahead with two separate and simultaneous steps for the two bands:

  • ART launches an authorisation procedure for the 410-430 MHz band

The approved decision authorises use of the 410-430 MHz

band by narrowband PMR/PAMR systems. ART held a public consultation on this band in preparing the means of allocating frequencies in the 410-430 MHz band, for which needs are particularly great. At the 30 September 2004 closing date, ART had received 21 contributions.

After analysing these contributions, ART concluded that it

could satisfy all requests known to date, for all administrative regions in Metropolitan France, using a coordinated site-by-site frequency allocation method (best-suited to the types of projects submitted).

Today, ART launches a frequency allocation method applied

on a first-come, first-served basis, coordinated site by site, and invites interested parties to submit their frequency requests using the form available on ART’s web site (click on the "Le guichet interactif" tab, then select "Formulaires professionnels"). In application of article L. 42-1 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code, complete requests will be examined in order of receipt by ART.

  • Public consultation in the band 450-470 MHz band slated for early 2005

Under the approved decision, the 450-470 MHz band would

be used by both narrow and wide band PMR/PAMR systems. As announced in its press release of 28 June 2004, ART held a study on introducing a public wideband mobile network in the 450-470 MHz band offering PAMR features, during the second half of the year.

The study analysed the availability of frequencies in this

band and highlighted the fact that a number of technologies could be allowed to offer PAMR services.

It is now important to evaluate with players the needs which

could arise, in order to deploy and operate this type of network in this band. As a result, ART will launch a public consultation in coming weeks.

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