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ART approves Bouygues Telecom’s application

27 September 2002

ART published today the report and results of its authorisation application procedure launched on 29 December 2001 for the establishment and operation of third-generation mobile networks.

ART has approved the application presented by Bouygues Telecom on 15 May 2002: thus, this operator will be granted a UMTS authorisation upon its signature by the Minister for industry.

Bouygues Telecom joins Orange France and SFR, which were granted UMTS authorisations in 2001 under the previous applications procedure. This new stage in the introduction of UMTS will give France three third-generation mobile operators, thereby establishing the bases for a true competitive situation.

The arrival of a third operator creates conditions favourable to the development of the mobile multimedia market; ART will remain attentive to the way in which all players make it a reality.

In the current economic and financial situation of the telecommunications sector, the desire (which join the commitment made by the two previously selected groups) expressed by Bouygues Telecom to build a third UMTS network strengthens ART’s confidence in the development of the third-generation mobile in France and Europe. These new communications systems will extend and enrich the mobile multimedia services offer currently being introduced using second-generation GSM/GPRS technologies, thereby meeting the expectations of consumers in a modern society.

The work initiated to finalise technically UMTS is being actively pursued, particularly as concerns interoperability and standardisation. As expressed by ART in its "Viewpoint" published on 31 May 2001 and according to the declarations of players, the market could be truly opened by late 2003-early 2004, with the two mobile system generations operating side by side for a number of years.

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