Communiqué de presse

ART invites candidates to request their applications for the introduction of the wireless local loop in the 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands

30 November 1999

The introduction of the wireless local loop in France has reached a major milestone with the launch of the application procedure for the establishment and operation of wireless local loop networks in the 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands.

The procedure has just been launched with the publication of an application procedure notice by the Secretary of State to Industry, in accordance with ART's proposal adopted by decision no. 99-829 dated 6 October 1999.

  • The selection procedures held by ART should result in the allocation of licenses and frequencies by mid 2000

Applications must be sent to ART by 31 January 2000.

ART expects to publish the results and summary of selection procedures by mid 2000. After that, the Secretary of State to Industry will delivery the licenses and ART will allocate frequencies.

Candidates can request application files from ART.

  • The launch of the application procedure completes work started by ART in 1997

Since its creation, ART has worked on introducing the wireless local loop in France, adopting a pragmatic and progressive approach, which depends to a large part on discussions with players.

In particular, in devising this application procedure, ART used the lessons learned from the wireless local loop trial phase, launched on request by players by decision no. 98-242 dated 8 April 1998, which led to 26 frequencies being allocated for testing across France.

ART is committed to defining the most suitable method, given the technical constraints inherent in the availability of frequencies, to create conditions favourable to introducing the wireless local loop in order to stimulate competition and contribute to the development of the information society, while taking into account the interest of the territories for access to services and equipment.

ART decision no. 99-829 justifies, in its reasons, the means and conditions chosen for the application procedure.

  • The introduction of the wireless local loop, a major stake for telecommunications in France

The introduction of wireless local loop systems is of major importance for telecommunications in France, as it contributes to the emergence of effective and durable competition on the local loop to the benefit of users, as well as to the development of medium- and high-speed services.

The local loop designates the transmission infrastructures of a public telecommunications network directly linking clients to the switching equipment to which they are connected. It represents a major segment of an operator's network, through which the operator has direct access to its clients and controls the services it offers.

Wireless technologies on the local loop are today an attractive substitute to fixed resources for direct connection of clients and the provision of fixed telecoms services.

These innovative means are flexible to implement and make progressive investments possible.