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Art launches a broad public consultation on the introduction of UMTS in France

Paris, 19 February 1999

The French telecommunications regulatory authority (ART) has launched a broad consultation on the introduction of UMTS systems in France.

Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) are third-generation mobile and wireless communications systems capable of providing high-speed multimedia services to the general public.

Europe now plays a leading role in the mobile industry, particularly due to the global success of the GSM standard. To capitalise on this European lead, by the smooth transition to third-generation systems, the European Parliament and EU Council adopted a decision laying down guidelines for the coordinated introduction of UMTS services in Europe, on 14 December 1998. This decision requires Member States to establish an authorisation system enabling operators to launch their services commercially on 1st January 2002.

The public consultation launched today seeks views and comments on the implications of UMTS markets and services. It also considers the conditions for granting UMTS licences (licensing schedule, criteria for selecting applicants, arrangements for the transition from GSM to UMTS, etc.).

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The full consultation document can be  downloaded (rtf - 86 Ko)  from ART's web site: