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ART launches a call for comments on the conditions applied to all operators

5 March 1999

The indirect marketing of telephone services is a new feature on the fixed telephony market.

This is why ART announced on 1st March 1999 that it would prepare a detailed document following discussion with all concerned players, in order to provide operator distributors with visibility on the rules to be applied. Before it publishes its guidelines, it wishes to receive the opinion of interested companies, especially operators and distributors, as well as consumers.

ART hopes that the development of this new form of distribution will be to the benefit of consumers. In particular, it wants to ensure that this development does not threaten the respect, by operators, of their obligations under their authorisation, which aims to protect and inform users.

This is why it is launching a public call for comments, based on the draft guidelines it has prepared. The text of this draft is available for downloading on ART's Web site. To receive it by post, a request can be faxed to ART on +33 (0)1 40 47 71 93.

Responses must be submitted by e-mail, fax or post by 30 March 1999.

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