Communiqué de presse

ART launches a call for comments on using numbers with the 118xy(z) format in order to replace the number 12 for directory assistance services

Paris, 27 July 2004

In a judgement dated 25 June, the Conseil d’État called on Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (ART) "within six months of the notification of this decision, to define the conditions for attributing numbers with the same format to all operators offering directory assistance services as well as the revision of the numbering plan, so that, following a transition period, if required, the number ‘12’ will no longer be used for directory assistance services".


To comply with this decision, ART plans to open a new series of numbers which would be dedicated to directory assistance services. This series would probably be five digits with the format 118XY or six digits with the format 118XYZ, as is already the case in most European countries, in accordance with an ECTRA recommendation dated 4 December 1997.


ART is launching a call for comments in order to collect the opinions of sector players on the implementation of these new numbers. The consultation deals primarily with how to assign these numbers and the conditions for implementing and monitoring them, as well as the means of informing consumers.


The consultation also deals with the question of the transition between the current number 12 and the new measure, which might ready to be put in place before the end of the first half 2005.


Interested parties (operators, consumer associations, etc.) are invited to submit their comments to ART by 20 September.