ART launches a call for comments

3 August 1999

The diversity of service offers means that for the mobile communications market to develop, frequency resources need to be precisely planned, especially for professional mobile communications.

This is why Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (ART), which allocates frequencies to users and telecoms operators, is launching a call for comments on the directions it plans to take for certain frequency bands for the following radio equipment and installations:

- digital professional mobile radio networks using Tetra and Tetrapol systems and covered by independent radio network authorisations meeting the needs of the holder

- independent radio networks operated by an installer or lessor (RPX), as defined by article 3 of ART's decision no. 98-909 dated 17 November 1998

- radiolocation networks using mobile locating sensors via satellite

- stolen vehicle remote sensing mobile communication networks

- low-speed telemetry or remote alarm mobile communication networks using fixed links

ART wishes to receive the comments of interested parties (operators, industry, installers, users, etc.) on the provisional frequency plan, and in particular the spectrum resources required for local, regional and national applications, the type of associated technology and reuse constraints of the frequency sub-bands considered.

Linked documents

 The call for comments notice  is available. Contributions must be submitted by 20 September 1999.