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ART launches a public consultation on the introduction of broadband PMR/PAMR networks in the 450-470 MHz band

Paris, 12 April 2005

As announced in 2004, Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications (ART) launched today a consultation on the introduction of broadband PMR/PAMR networks in the 450-470 MHz band.

ART has at its disposal 1.5 MHz duplex across France in this shared band.

This consultation follows the approval and publication in the Journal Officiel of 15 January 2005 of ART’s decision 04-0922 which assigns the use of the 450-470 MHz band to PMR/PAMR networks with no channel constraints.

As a general rule, PMR (Private Mobile Radio) and PAMR (Public Access Mobile Radio) networks are terrestrial mobile service networks having specific functions: the so-called PMR functions, which include alternating voice services (Push to talk), group calls, voice and data services in packet mode, etc.

The term PMR network is used for an independent mobile network having PMR functions, and the term PAMR network for a mobile network open to the public having PMR functions.

This consultation is part of the move to shift mobility to high speeds, which is why discussions have been initiated with players on broadband PMR/PAMR networks.

Although this consultation covers both independent PMR networks and public PAMR networks, the question of introducing PAMR networks open to the public is the primary subject.

The aim of the consultation is to receive players’ opinions on the following points:

  • available and appropriate broadband technologies, as well as the availability of equipment

  • the broadband PAMR market

  • coverage and quality of service concerns related to allocating PAMR authorisations

  • the equity of rights and obligations

  • the conditions under which competition is exercised

  • the means of allocating the 1.5 MHz block

Based on responses to this consultation, ART will be able to establish the means of allocating available frequencies for broadband PMR/PAMR networks in the autumn, and launch an allocation procedure next winter.

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The english version of the public consultation is available for downloading ( pdf (pdf - 198 Ko) ) Practical information : Contributions are to be sent to ART before Monday 30 May 2005, preferably by e-mail to  consultation-450(@)