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ART observes a global increase of 1.3% in sales on the telecom market during the 3rd quarter 2002. Results vary according to the type of service

27 March 2003

ART has published telecommunications services market figures for the third quarter 2002. The end client market records an overall yearly increase of 1.3% in sales, and 5.2% in volume.

Mobile telephony supports growth This market grew 17.2% in volume, to 12.9 billion minutes, and 15% in value with respect to the same quarter in 2001. Mobile subscribers paid an average €26.7 each month, up 3.3% year on year. Average monthly consumption per subscriber was 113.8 minutes of calls (up 5.4% year on year) and over 13 SMS (up 64.5% year on year). Close to 1.5 billion SMS were sent during this quarter. Internet continues to grow Modifications to the calculation methods were applied in this quarter's Observatory, resulting in a recalculation of previous figures. Moreover, the publication now distinguishes between two types of subscriptions for Internet access calls: flat-rate and time-based billing (no subscription). Revenues generated by the Internet activity with end clients represent €288 million, up 6% year on year, for a volume of close to 15 billion minutes. Traffic collection represents on average 74.4% of Internet minutes. Fixed telephony: market stagnates Most indicators declined, both in volume and value, except for : - international traffic and traffic to mobile phones, thanks to continuing growth in the number of mobile subscribers - the number of pre-selection subscriptions (+10% in one quarter), indicating more frequent use of alternate operators for calls from fixed lines.

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