ART observes a slight slowdown in sales on the telecoms market during the 2nd quarter 2002

12 November 2002

Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (ART) published today the second quarter figures for the telecommunications services market for 2002.

  • Mobiles prop up growth

The mobile market grew 16.6% in volume and 10.9% in value over the same quarter in 2001. In one year, most of domestic calls to mobile phones (regardless of the origin—fixed or mobile) rose from 22.6% to 27.8%. The penetration rate, which is now known, was 62.6% at 30 September 2002.

On average, each month, mobile subscribers’ paid €25.30, down 4.7% over one year. The average invoice is for 112.1 minutes of calls (up 0.2% over one year) and includes over 12 SMS (up 70% over one year).

  • Internet continues to grow

Internet volumes billed to end clients were 21.344 billion minutes (up 19.3% over one year). The number of Internet subscribers via ADSL quadrupled with respect to the second quarter 2001.

It is important to note that the figures published today are for telecommunications operators only, and do not include ISPs. ISP figures will be included in ART’s next quarterly Observatory, thanks to the cooperation of major ISPs.

  • Fixed telephony: stagnation

The vast majority of indicators are in decline, both in terms of volume and value, except for:

  • traffic to mobile phones, thanks to continued growth of mobile subscribers and a price decrease for this type of call

  • the number of pre-selection subscribers (+9.6% in one quarter), indicating more frequent use of alternate operators for calls from fixed phones

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