Communiqué de presse

ART pleased that the 3G mobile telephony market will soon be opened

Paris, 6 June 2000

In accordance with European directives, the application conditions for granting third generation mobile authorisations must be established before this summer, so that operators can be chosen by early 2001, allowing them to offer new services in 2002.

The system, based on a new standard, will offer significantly higher bit rates than are currently available, making it possible to develop data transfers on mobile networks, creating the conditions for broader access to Internet and contributing to the establishment of the information society.

The measures announced by the Government today, regarding the means by which operators will be selected (beauty contest) and the number of authorisations (four), respect the proposals submitted by ART. These means are similar to those used in other European countries, including Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

In recent weeks, ART has highlighted the uncertainties which weigh on this market whose components have not yet been finalised. This is why it insisted that the financial contributions, which the Government must establish, take into account all the data regarding this environment.

ART is pleased that the constructive dialogue with the Government on this particularly complex file has led to a solution which will make it possible to effectively open the French market to these new services.

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