ART publishes the final figures for the telecommunications services market in France for 1999

14 June 2001

Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (ART) has just published the results of its annual survey of telecommunications operators on their activity in 1999.

The survey, which had previously been held for 1998, provides precise and detailed information on the services which are bought or sold by licensed operators, such as:

  • the amounts invested and used by the sector
  • primary economic elements affecting the end customer market; for the first time, the survey breaks down most services, into volumes, equipment ownership numbers and values, and types of customer (residential, corporate and operators)
  • an improved evaluation of the interconnection market
  • detailed information on the various market segments: fixed and mobile telephony, "advanced services" (0800, 0836, etc. numbers), leased links, information and directory services, Internet access

The results confirm market growth in 1999, approximately 11% in value over 1998, with major growth in the mobile telephony sector and in the revenues from Internet for operators.

ART has just launched the annual survey for operator activity in 2000. In doing so, it fulfils the goal that it had set for itself when it set up the market observatory: to provide reliable statistical information on the telecommunications service sector.


The methodology used

This survey was conducted by ART in application of article L.36-14 of the Post and Telecommunications Code which states: "ART may request expertise evaluations, conduct studies, collect data and take any action to gather information on the telecommunications sector. To this end, operators holding an authorisation delivered in application of articles L. 33-1, L. 34-1 and L. 34-3 [of the Post and Telecommunications Code] are required to provide on an annual basis statistical information regarding the use, coverage zone and means of access to their service".

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