ART publishes the list of applicants for 118XYZ numbers

Paris, 18 April 2005

Following the decree of the Council of State of 25 June 2004, Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications (ART) modified the numbering plan (in decisions no. 05-0061, 05-0062 and 05-0063 dated 27 January 2005) in order to replace the "12" and other numbers currently used for directory services with a single-format number for all directory service providers. The new number is six digits long and begins with 118.

The deadline for applications to participate in the draw for 118XYZ numbers for telephone directory services was Friday 15 April at noon.

At the deadline, the following candidates had submitted applications:

- 118 Teledis SARL
- 11883 Telecom GmbH
- 118866 Ltd.
- 123Multimédia SA
- ADP Télécom
- Allo Bottin
- Atento Maroc
- Belgacom SA
- Bouygues Telecom
- Cambio SA
- Com Medias
- Conduit Enterprises Ltd.
- European Directory Assistance France
- Groupe France Télécom (France Télécom, PagesJaunes, Orange, Orange Caraïbe, Orange Réunion)
- Groupe Free (Free SAS, OneTel SAS, Kertel SA)
- HM Renseignements
- Ingénierie de Communications Pédagogique " ICP " SARL
- Intra Call Center
- Jonas Technology SAS
- Kabtel Renseignements
- Kelnuméro SARL
- L'Annuaire Universel SAS
- Le Numéro France
- Le Service Universel de Renseignements Téléphoniques
- Nouveaux Médias et Tele Consulting
- NRJ Mobile
- Octava Marketing
- Pictures on Line
- Pixtel
- Renseignement Téléphonique Français
- Scoot France
- Services de renseignements téléphoniques SAS
- Services France Renseignements
- Groupe SFR (Société Française du Radiotéléphone, Société Réunionnaise du Radiotéléphone)
- Sogedev
- Telegate France
- Telemedia SA
- Telenet Hosting
- TZ tel


As stipulated by decision no. 05-0062, all candidates have one week from publication of this list to confirm that all the affiliates of any single group are covered by a single application. Any firms having applied separately which realise they belong to the same group must combine their application via a letter to ART.

Once ART has received these letters and examined the eligibility of all applications, it will publish the final list of applications for the initiation allocation procedure.

Companies wishing a 118XYZ number but which have not submitted their application within the deadline may be allocated any remaining 118XYZ numbers following the conclusion of the initial procedure. These candidates are invited to submit their application as stipulated by the numbering plan management rules for short numbers.

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