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ART recalls the regulatory framework and gives its views on mobile telephone jammers

Paris, 10 June 1999

The French telecommunications regulatory authority was consulted recently on the use of systems enabling the localised jamming of mobile telephones.

Different systems available

These systems can be divided into two main families: "jammer" systems and "filter" systems. Jammers prevent GSM signals from being received, while filter systems inform the network operator when a call attempt from a mobile is being made in a given area. The operator then decides whether or not to set up the call.

  • The use of these systems is currently prohibited in France
  • The implementation of these systems is not authorised in France. It is an offence that is punishable under article L. 39-1 of the posts and telecommunications code.

  • ART is against the development of these systems
  • After studying the impact of jamming systems and filters in the current regulatory environment and having heard the views of interested parties, ART has decided that these systems should not be encouraged as their development could undermine:

    . first, the fulfilment by mobile operators of their licence obligations, particularly with regard to:

    - provision a satisfactory level of service quality;

    - coverage of a certain percentage of the population ;

    - routing of emergency calls.

    . second, for "jammers", the current regime governing frequency assignments for communications between mobile terminals and radio transmitters.

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