Communiqué de presse

ART sets the conditions for reallocating the frequencies from Dolphin Telecom's networks

27 June 2003

The commercial court of Nanterre has announced the liquidation of Dolphin Telecom.


As a result, the frequencies allocated to Dolphin, both for 3RP analogue and the Tetra digital network, will be returned to ART.


ART is concerned that continuity of service be ensured for the customers of Dolphin Telecom, if the company’s missions or security cannot be fulfilled. If no alternative solutions are found, under the competencies assigned it and depending on possible demand, ART is prepared to assign necessary frequencies to guarantee the continuity of these services. The frequencies will be allocated on a temporary basis and will have no impact on the plan which will subsequently be put in place.


ART has already begun to prepare a call for comments from professional sector, to be launched in September, The purpose will be to identify the plans and needs of various players and to define in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner the means for a long-term allocation of the frequencies which until now had been used by Dolphin Telecom.

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