ART sets the deadline for the launch of the Internet access service over the Paris cable TV network

Paris, 5 August 1998

On 10 July 1997 the French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) issued a decision resolving a dispute between Paris TV Câble and France Télécom concerning the provision of an Internet access service over the Paris cable TV network. The decision specified the responsibilities of the two parties:

- the cable operator would be responsible for funding the work to upgrade the networks;

- France Télécom would carry out this work;

- the cable operator would pay France Télécom a fee in proportion to the capacity provided.

On 11 June 1998, Paris TV Câble brought the matter before ART again, as it had noticed delays in the accomplishment of the work. ART issued a decision to settle the matter on 31 July. This decision:

- sets a deadline for the commercial launch of the service, requiring the Internet access service to be available from the entire Paris cable network by the end of January 1999, at the latest;

- states that, in line with ART's recent decision on the provision of the telephone service over the cable TV network, Paris TV Câble is responsible for the maintenance of the coaxial part of the network and France Télécom is responsible for the maintenance of the optical fibre part;

- lays down quality of service objectives;

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NB:  The decision (pdf - 64 Ko)  can be consulted, in full, on ART's web site