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ART - the French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - reserves the first 4-digit prefixes for carrier selection

Paris, 4 February 1998

ART continues paving the way for competition in the long distance transmission market. The Authority has just reserved the first " 16XY " format prefixes for carrier selecion, for four operators which have applied for public telephone service provider licences: Infotel, MFS-Worldcom, Colt and RSL Com.

  • Infotel : 1617
  • MFS-Worldcom : 1618
  • RSL Com : 1661
  • Colt : 1690

The prefixes will be formally allocated when the operators receive their licences.

According to ART Decision n° 97-277 of 12 September 1997, any telephone service provider offering national long distance or international communications may have access to these prefixes. The single " E " digit is also used for carrier selection (this however is reserved for long distance operators with national infrastructure).

These 4-digit prefixes will enable users to choose services in competition with France Télécom's long distance and international off

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