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ART will issue its decision before the end of July

Paris, 27 June 1997

On April 1st, Paris TV Câble (Lyonnaise Câble group) called upon the French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) to settle a dispute with France Télécom over the technical terms and prices for Internet access via cable TV networks in Paris. A similar request concerning 18 regional networks was submitted by Compagnie Générale de Vidéocommunication (Générale des Eaux group) on April 18th.

The dispute settlement procedure, set out clearly by the French telecoms law, requires both sides in the dispute to exchange all the documents produced for the arbitration process.

Due to the multitude of important arguments advanced by the parties, ART has decided to postpone the deadline for its determination by one month, as provided for in the decree of 19 March 1997. ART believes that this will give it time to investigate the matter in further detail and will guarantee that the decisions taken on the two matters are coherent.

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