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Businesses Digital Transformation

Publication of a practical guide for micro, small and medium enterprises on choosing the right internet, fixed and mobile telephone plan

Cloud, e-commerce, CRM, Industry 4.0: digital technology is an increasingly integral part of every businesses’ operations. The networks that deliver these new solutions are in the throes of a veritable revolution, with the growing ubiquity of optical fibre and the Internet of Things. Tomorrow it will be 5G and the gradual phasing out of older technologies (PSTN). These developments are a powerful driving force in the adoption of new ways of working, but can also be a source of complexity for the SMEs and professionals that use them.

Added to which, fostering competition in the B2B market is one of Arcep’s top priorities. New players are entering the market, and so increasing the number of options – and opportunities – available to businesses.

Networks, technologies, quality of service, available products, best practices: a practical guide to help micro, small and medium businesses make informed choices to accelerate their digital transformation

Arcep, Afutt, CPME, MEDEF, InfraNum, AOTA, CDRT, CINOV Numérique, CMA France, Fédération EBEN, Fédération Française des Télécoms, Syntec Numérique and U2P have joined forces to publish and distribute across the whole of France a new practical guide designed to inform micro, small and medium enterprises about the telecoms market devoted to businesses, and provide them with all of the keys to taking full advantage of competition between suppliers.

Specifically, this guide will allow micro, small and medium enterprises to:

  • Properly scale their choices, whether for internet access, fixed telephony or mobile services;
  • Understand the products and technologies on offer;
  • Identify telecom market players;
  • Have a list of best practices for their relationships with service providers.

The presentation video of the guide