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Changes being brought to the system for managing the assignment of numbering resources and certain frequency resources, to reduce processing times

Paris, 22 October 2015

Since the adoption of the Act on Growth, business and equal economic opportunity in August 2015, ARCEP's Executive Board has been able to delegate all or a portion of its powers to adopt individual numbering and frequency resource assignment decisions to its Chair, who can in turn delegate his or her power of signature to the Director General of ARCEP and to the Members of the Board.

The ARCEP Board and Chairman decided to use these new provisions early on, to delegate their decision-making power (1) and their power of signature (2) as of Thursday, 8 October 2015, for all numbering resource assignment decisions and a portion of frequency allocation decisions (radio relay, fixed network satellite earth stations, temporary use/SNG and professional mobile networks).

Nevertheless, because of their strategic nature, the ARCEP Board has maintained its power to issue frequency licences for mobile networks, the wireless local loop (WLL) and mobile satellite networks, as well as authorisations to use spectrum to conduct trials.

As a result, starting on 8 October of this year, more than 300 numbering resource assignment decisions, and over 1,000 frequency allocation decisions a year will benefit from this simplified process and shorter adoption times.

Linked documents

(1) ARCEP Decision No. 2015-1160 (pdf - 401 Ko) of 29 September 2015 on delegating authority

(2) ARCEP Chairman's decision (pdf - 258 Ko) of 5 September 2015 delegating a power of signature