Completion of the public inquiry into marketing of La Poste Group letter services.

Paris, 3 February 2012

Observations made after La Poste introduced its "green letter" product (delivery in two days) on 1 October 2011 showed there was a risk of curtailed access for consumers to the priority letter service (next-day delivery).

Therefore, in compliance with article L. 5-9 of the Postal and Telecommunications Code, ARCEP launched a public inquiry, on 20 October 2011, to collect all data on how letter products (priority, "green" and economy letters, all of which come under the universal service) are marketed to the general public and small businesses.

This two-prong inquiry comprised inspections of post offices and a questionnaire sent to La Poste. The purpose of the inspections carried out by ARCEP-accredited agents at 15 rural and urban post offices of various sizes was to ascertain the quality of the information provided to consumers and the availability of letter services at post offices. Now that its objectives have been achieved, the inquiry has been declared officially completed.

Acting on the inquiry findings (restricted access to the priority-letter service at vending machines, lack of information for consumers about the services available, risk of confusion because of the colour markings used for prepaid items, etc.), ARCEP has asked La Poste to put forward measures for remedying the problems identified.

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