Cooperation between Regulators

Arcep and CSA developing new areas of collaboration within a joint division

Today, Arcep and CSA signed an agreement establishing a joint division between the two institutions. Appointed for a one-year term, the joint division’s first coordinator is Christophe Cousin, CSA’s Director of Studies, Economic Affairs and Forward-planning. Arcep’s Director of Markets, Economics and Digital Affairs, Stéphane Lhermitte, has been appointed as his correspondent, the coordinator’s chief interlocutor for managing and operating the joint division.

Joint Arcep – CSA division’s mission: digital tech markets and new regulations

The aim is to leverage the two authorities’ complementary expertise to deepen their shared technical and economic analysis of digital technology markets: content distribution methods and quality, consumer habits, vertical and horizontal relationships between digital tech value chain players, including over-the-top (OTT) companies and digital platforms.

The joint division will also focus on supervisory methodologies, rules and benchmarks, as well as data-driven regulation tools for digital platforms, pertaining to data collection, utilisation and retrieval, analysing and testing platforms’ algorithms, APIs’ openness rules, and interaction with user support tools. To this end, the joint division will galvanise the two institutions to implement the new regulatory tools needed to carry out their respective  mandates, present and future, with respect to digital tech industry stakeholders. 

Observatories and joint publications  

The joint division will coordinate the production of several periodical publications on household use of digital technology.

The first stage will be to produce a benchmark of digital usage and habits. It will combine the findings of the Annual Digital Market Barometer and the Household Audiovisual Equipment Observatory.  

The two institutions’ Executive Boards will meet to finalise the joint division’s work programme.

CSA and Arcep already working together on the protection of minors against online pornography

As part of the work being done by the joint division, CSA and Arcep’s  Monitoring Committee for the “Protection of minors against online pornography” will meet on a monthly basis. The members of this committee include all of the signatories of the pledge of commitment to prevent minors from being exposed to pornographic content.

This pledge includes a commitment from players to joint forces to deploy and promote parental control tools, and to measure the use of these tools by developing relevant indicators for evaluating the levels of use of these systems, which are far often deactivated.