Communiqué de presse

Daniel-Georges COURTOIS succeeds Gabrielle GAUTHEY on the ARCEP Executive Board

Paris, 24 December 2008

Yesterday, the President of France’s National Assembly appointed Mr. Daniel-Georges Courtois Member of the Executive Board.

Mr. Courtois will succeed Ms. Gabrielle Gauthey whose mandate ends on 31 December of this year.

Born in August 1956, a graduate of the Ecole des hautes études commerciales (HEC) Business school and Senior Member of the Court of Auditors, Daniel-Georges Courtois has devoted most of his career to the National public service and to public affairs.

He began his career in 1983 as a financial policy officer to the Deputy Mayor of Paris, and was then appointed Deputy chef de cabinet to the Budget Minister, Alain Juppé (1986 to 1988). Sub-prefect until April 1993 (in the Vaucluse, in Indre-et-Loire and in the Sarthe), Mr. Courtois then joined the cabinet of François Fillon who was the Minister of Higher Education and Research (1993) at the time, then the Minister of Information Technologies and Postal Services (1995), then Minister responsible for the Post, Telecommunications and Space (1995 to January 1997), becoming his Deputy Director of Cabinet from January to June 1997. Frome June 1997 to May 2002, Mr. Courtois was an appointed member of the Conseil Général des Technologies de l’Information (CGTI, General Secretariat of Information Technologies).

At the same time, he was elected Regional Councillor for the Ile-de-France in March 1998 and City Councillor in Paris starting in 2001. Re-elected to his position of Regional Councillor for Ile-de-France in October 2004 and Paris City Councillor in March 2008, Daniel-Georges Courtois has been a policy officer to the Prime Minister since May 2007.

Daniel-Georges Courtois is a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour) and a Chevalier de l’ordre national du mérite (Knight of the National Order of Merit).

The ARCEP Executive Board is composed of seven members: Paul Champsaur (Chairman) – whose mandate expires in early January, Edouard Bridoux, Daniel-Georges Courtois, Patrick Raude, Denis Rapone, Joëlle Toledano and Nicolas Curien.

Three of the members, including the Chairman, are appointed by the President of the Republic. The other four are appointed, two and two respectively, by the President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate. Members of the Board cannot be dismissed and their six-year mandate is not renewable.