Data-driven regulation

Data-Driven Regulation

Arcep trialling its “Fixed and mobile connectivity data” API and inviting interested users to be beta testers

What fixed connectivity is available at a given address? Which operators sell fibre plans at that location? What is the level of 4G coverage there? Arcep currently makes this (regularly updated) fixed and mobile connectivity information available on the “Ma connexion internet” and “Mon réseau mobile” (My mobile network) websites, and as open datasets. To facilitate automated reuse of these data for third parties, Arcep has developed an application programming interface, or API, that is currently entering the beta testing phase.

Thanks to this API, local authorities, associations, online comparison engines and property agents can interface their own sites or tools with this connectivity information.

The “Fixed and mobile connectivity data” API thus provides a complement to the map-based tools and open datasets made available by Arcep.

The data provided via this software interface include:

  • An address database compiled for use by “Ma connexion internet”, on which information on fixed (ADSL, FTTH, etc) and mobile (2G/3G/4G) service eligibility is provided for individual street addresses;
  • aggregated statistics for different geographic mesh regions.

Arcep has identified several categories of re-users who are likely to take advantage of this newfound access to its data and create their own tools: property agents, online comparison engines, associations and local authorities.

Stakeholders wanting to contribute by being beta testers are invited to contact Arcep

With the goal of launching the API for everyone before the end of 2022, Arcep is beginning a beta testing phase with a small group of users who have expressed a desire to contribute actively to the process. Arcep will solicit participants’ feedback through questionnaires and workshops, to identify their hopes and expectations of this new tool.

Arcep invites all willing volunteers to send an email to: opendata[a]

This new tool is part of Arcep’s ongoing, data-driven approach to regulation

This API’s development is part of Arcep’s data-driven regulation, a form of action that complete the regulator’s traditional tools, using the power of information to help steer the market in the right direction.