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Data-driven regulation

Arcep presents the 2022 edition of the Customer satisfaction observatory and the annual scorecard for the “J’alerte l’Arcep” platform

Users’ satisfaction with the sectors regulated by Arcep is one of the guiding forces behind the actions taken by the Authority. Arcep is delivering an assessment of these satisfaction levels, of the main sources of user dissatisfaction and the actions being taken as a result by presenting:

  • The findings of its annual observatory of customer satisfaction with internet service providers and mobile operators;
  • And the main takeaways from the reports received via the “J’alerte l’Arcep” site over the course of 2021. 

Customer satisfaction observatory: network quality of service remains the number one issue for users, even if overall satisfaction with fixed and mobile operators has increased slightly

The 2022 edition of the “Customer satisfaction observatory” is based on a survey conducted by CSA in late 2021. Telecom users’ overall satisfaction in 2021 is slightly higher than the year before, particularly with respect to internet service providers (ISP), which scored an average 7.5/10 compared to an average 7.3 in 2020. 


58% of users (51% when excluding the reason of “intrusive telemarketing” which overall cannot be attributed to operators) reported encountering a problem with their ISP. The main source of dissatisfaction is quality of service, followed by subscription and connection issues, then contractual and billing problems.

“J’alerte l’Arcep”: increase in the number of reports received, with quality of service, especially on fixed networks, still the main source of dissatisfaction

In 2020, Arcep received more than 38,000 reports, including some 31,000 directly on the platform – the remaining alerts being received through other channels (email, the post, phone calls). This marks a sizeable increase (+14% YoY) over 2020 during which 33,000 reports were received from users.

Left :

  • Online platform : 30 606
  • 38,060 reports received
  • Source:  Arcep

Right :

  • 92% consumers 
  • 6.5% business (incl. around 55% from business with fewer than 10 employees)
  • 1% local authorities

The vast majority of the reports received concern the telecoms sector. Within this sector, it is fixed services that were the subject of most reports. Fewer reports were received about mobile networks. The topics of fixed network quality of service and expectations over network upgrades were especially prevalent, while the main issues concerning mobile networks were operators’ sales practices and the process of switching operators. The main sources of dissatisfaction expressed on “J’alerte l’Arcep” were confirmed by the customer satisfaction observatory that was produced based on a survey conducted by the CSA institute.

The reports received are not representative of the population, nor of concrete cases. But inventorying them sheds light on how they are distributed amongst the main operators. 

Regarding the postal sector, the number of user reports decreased compared to 2020: 2,300 reports received in 2021 compared to more than 3,000 in 2020.