Communiqué de presse

Four wireless local loop licence-holders in the 3.4 - 3.6 GHz band are issued with an order to comply with their rollout commitments in the overseas departments.

Paris, 23 December 2011

On 21 July 2011, ARCEP's Director of Legal Affairs notified 16 undertakings holding licences to use the wireless local loop in the 3.4 - 3.6 GHz frequency band of the launch of a procedure provided for in Article L. 36-11 of the French Postal and electronic communications code (CPCE), concerning a possible failure to comply with obligations listed in their licences.

On 23 November of this year, ARCEP made public the decision issued by its Director-General ordering seven licence-holders in Metropolitan France to meet their obligations, and indicated that the investigation into six licence-holders in the overseas markets was ongoing.

The now complete investigation has revealed that four of these six undertakings have failed to meet the rollout obligations contained in their licences. They are Guyacom, STOI Internet, WLL Antilles Guyane and WLL Réunion.

In light of this failure, and in accordance with CPCE Article L. 36-11, the Director-General of ARCEP has issued these licence-holders with an order to comply with their rollout obligations.

ARCEP will pay close attention to ensuring that each stage listed in their order is achieved by the set deadlines. Should the licence-holders fail to do so, they are liable to face to the penalties provided for in CPCE Article L. 36-11.