France counts 29.7 million clients at 31 December 2000

3 January 2001

As of 31 December 2000, France counted 29,681,3000 mobile telephone clients, for a penetration rate of 49.4% of the population.

The client breakdown of the three operators, including Overseas départements, is:
- Groupe France Telecom : 14,311,000 clients
- Groupe Cegetel-SFR : 10,160,000 clients
- Bouygues Telecom : 5,211,000 clients

In terms of market share, this gives:
- Groupe France Telecom : 48.2%
- Groupe Cegetel-SFR :34.2%
- Bouygues Telecom :17.6%

These figures show net market growth of 13.3% for the fourth quarter 2000, and 44% for the entire year 2000.

They reflect the continuing dynamism of the French market, whose growth, with over 9 million new clients, is equal to the previous year. This trend was confirmed during a busy month of December.

The opening of the mobile telephony market in the Overseas départements, already noticeable in December, should give another boost to the market in coming months.

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