France now counts over 40 million mobile customers

Paris, 27 October 2003

Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (ART) published today its Mobile Observatory for the third quarter 2003.

At 30 September 2003, in France, 40.1 million people were customers of mobile telephony services. The penetration rate has reached 66.5% with numbers rising 1.9% over the previous quarter.

For the first time, for the second quarter 2003, information has been made public regarding the total sales, average monthly income per subscriber, as well as recurring traffic (the total number of calls generated by fixed incoming traffic, outgoing traffic, and roaming out - calls made in other countries by customers of French operators) of mobile operators in Metropolitan France.

These two new indicators are based on a harmonised definition for the three operators.

Total quarterly recurring sales for the three Metropolitan operators at the second quarter 2003 is €3.797 million, or average recurring income per active customer of €33.90 per month. Recurring sales for flat-rate customers is €3.121 million, representing average recurring income per flat-rate customer of €47.90 for the same period. Recurring voice traffic for the same period is 18.418 million minutes, of which 16.358 million minutes for flat-rate customers.

As announced by ART on 25 July, this Observatory does not include figures for individual operators-which are now published on a semi-annual basis-but only totals for all three operators.

A new indicator for mobile multimedia will be introduced in the Mobile Observatory for the fourth quarter 2003, to be published 26 January 2004.

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