Future networks

“Network virtualisation” and “connected cars”: Arcep publishes its first two works to emerge from an investigation into future networks

In this era of continual innovation, telecoms networks are expected to undergo major upheavals in the coming years, as much in terms of their architecture as how they operate. This is why Arcep opened up a period of reflection to anticipate how networks are likely to evolve over the next five to ten years. What form(s) will they take? What impact will these changes have on Arcep’s job as regulator? Arcep’s goal is to prepare for upcoming challenges in regulating communications network, and to steer its actions accordingly.

The “Future Networks” Scientific Committee: Arcep brings together 10 experts  

To carry out this forward-thinking work, Arcep surrounded itself with a Scientific Committee of 10 personalities: academics, entrepreneurs and industry veterans with varying areas of expertise. On 1 February, this Committee examined the first two working documents devoted, respectively, to “connected cars” and “network virtualisation”.

These documents, which Arcep is publishing today, provide a briefing of the reflection process thus far, and so do not reflect the Committee members’ or Arcep’s position.

Call for contributions to further this work

Arcep is inviting all interested parties to contribute to this reflection process by sending their feedback on these to documents to “reseaux-du-futur(@)“, and so enabling the Authority to further deepen its analysis. A final version of these documents is due to be published before the year’s end.

Other briefing notes will come to flesh out this work over the course of the year.