Initial report on ARCEP's processing of postal service user complaints- Results for 2011 -

Paris, 13 April 2012

Since 1 January 2011, postal service users have been able to submit to ARCEP complaints that could not be satisfactorily resolved with the procedures put in place by postal service providers. This measure has been in effect for one year, so stock can now be taken of the concrete, practical improvements to the postal service which La Poste decided to implement, at ARCEP's request.

Recipients of parcels will be able to express reservations at the time of delivery so that they can prove that damage to the parcels was caused by La Poste and thus obtain compensation more easily.

Customers living in collective housing units (such as university halls of residence), where mail delivery is undifferentiated, will have access to the mail redirection service offered by La Poste under the universal postal service.

In addition, ARCEP reminded postal service providers, and in particular La Poste, of their obligations, which are not always honoured, in respect of users of these services, whether as senders or addressees:

- specific delivery procedures for letters and parcels involving delivery formalities;
- processing of user complaints in strict compliance with the procedures laid down in the regulations (procedures open to both senders and addressees, services concerned, deadlines, etc.);
- conditions for enforcing providers' contractual and extra-contractual liability in the event of faulty service (loss, damage, late delivery).

ARCEP believes that this new procedure which keeps it better informed about the day-to-day operation of the postal service will enable it to gradually remedy the shortcomings and anomalies identified, thanks to constructive discussions with postal operators, and in particular with La Poste.

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