Introduction of READSL2 in France: the expert committee issues a favourable opinion

Paris, 27 May 2005

<font>The <em>Expert Committee for the</em> <em>introduction of new techniques on the local loop</em> submitted a favourable opinion to ART today on the <em>READSL2</em> technology on the local loop in France, under the conditions described in the opinion.<br><br></font>

  • <font>The role of the Expert Committee</font>


<font>ART formed the Expert Committee for the introduction of new techniques on the local loop in September 2002.</font>


<font>Chaired by Catherine Mancini (Lucent Technologies), this Committee is composed of France Telecom, operators using unbundling and manufacturers of DSLAM and DSL modems.</font>


<font>It is responsible for issuing opinions on the means of introducing new techniques on the local loop, while ensuring that the various authorised techniques are compatible.</font>


<font>Last October, the Committee issued a favourable opinion on the introduction of ADSL2+ at the distribution frame. A number of operators now propose very-high-speed offers based on this technology.</font>


  • <font>The <i>READSL2</i> technology</font>


<font>READSL2 (<em>Reach extended ADSL2</em>) is an evolution of the ADSL standard which extends the reach of signals with respect to the "classic" ADSL standard for speeds of up to 512&nbsp;kbit/s. It thereby improves the eligibility of high speed for long lines on the public switched network.</font>


Using READSL2, operators will be able to offer broadband access (up to 512 kbit/s) to subscribers who had previously been located too far from a telephone exchange to receive ADSL.