Communiqué de presse

Jean-Ludovic SILICANI appointed Chairman of ARCEP

Paris, 10 May 2009

By decree of the President of the Republic and after a favorable opinion of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly and Senate, Mr. Jean-Ludovic Silicani, State Counsellor, was appointed Chairman of the French Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), on 8 May 2009.

Mr. Silicani succeeds Mr. Jean-Claude Mallet who had taken up his post on 5 January of this year, and subsequently submitted his resignation for strictly personal, health-related reasons.

Jean-Ludovic Silicani joins the members of the ARCEP Executive Board (Edouard Bridoux, Daniel-Georges Courtois, Nicolas Curien, Denis Rapone, Patrick Raude and Joëlle Toledano), as well as the director general and all members of the ARCEP staff in expressing his esteem for Jean-Claude Mallet and the significant part he played in carrying out the Authority’s responsibilities over the past five months.

Jean-Ludovic Silicani biography



© Arcep / Didier Plowy

Jean-Ludovic SILICANI

Born 20 March 1952 in Algiers


Civil engineer (1975)

DEA (Master’s equiv.) in Economic sciences (1975)

Paris Institute of political studies (1976)

École nationale d’administration (First in the “Voltaire” class: January 1978 - May 1980)

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1980 - 1984

Auditor to the Conseil d'État
- Rapporteur to the legal section and the public works section

1980 - 1982

Rapporteur to the Strategic industries committee (CODIS)

1983 - 1984

Legal adviser to the Ministry of industry and research

1984 - 1986

Director at the State technology transfer agency (ANVAR)

1986 - 1992 

Director, General Administration Department
Ministry of culture and communication


Director, Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France)


Cabinet Director for Simone Veil, Minister of State, Minister responsible for Social affairs, Health and City


General Rapporteur for the commission on State responsibilities and organisation

1995 - 1998 

Commissioner to the Prime Minister on State reform


Reinstated to the Conseil d’État
- Examiner in the legal section
- Rapporteur to the public works section

Since 2001

Chairman of the literary and artistic property authority


Rapporteur on draft bills:
on the organisation of the postal and telecommunications public service
concerning electronic communications and audiovisual communication services

Since 2003

President of the 4th Chamber (sub-section) of the Conseil d’État

Since 2004

President of the Steering Committee of the Daily press modernisation fund (Fonds de modernisation de la presse quotidienne et assimilée)

Since 2006

President of the Board of Directors of the Réunion des musées nationaux (RMN)

2007 - 2008

Author of the White Paper on the future of the civil service

2008 - 2009

Member of the Committee for local authority reform, chaired by Édouard Balladur

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