Jean-Ludovic Silicani: “The Internet is a shared strategic asset : let’s think it through together.”ARCEP will be broadcasting a series of videotaped interviews to lay the groundwork for the discussions and conference on 13 April

Paris, 18 March 2010

In preparation for the ARCEP conference on the topic of network neutrality which is taking place on April 13th, Jean-Ludovic Silicani is kicking off the first in a series of videotaped interviews that will help thinking about the notion of network neutrality and lay the groundwork for discussions.

Why is ARCEP hosting a conference on network neutrality? How do we define the concept itself? What are the central issues at hand and prime areas of focus for the debate? The Chairman of the Authority gets the ball rolling with the statement, “The Internet is a shared asset. We can have either a naïve or a strategic view of things: let’s think it through together.”

Some one dozen other interviews with players from the world of content, telecoms, the Internet and civil society will be posted online between now and 13 April.
The conference itself will be broadcast live in English and French on our website, and will be made available in VoD the day after the conference.

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