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Paris, 17 June 1997

OFTEL's Director General, Don Cruickshank, met Jean-Michel Hubert, Chairman of the French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) and the Members of the College (ART's governing body) in Paris today.

This meeting between the French and English telecoms regulators is a follow-up to the OFTEL/ART workshop held in Paris on May 17th last.

Following this meeting, OFTEL's Director General and ART's Chairman agreed to pursue close collaboration between the regulatory bodies, in order to develop a closer understanding of the approaches adopted in France and in the UK on such essential issues as the interconnection regime, carrier selection arrangements and how national regulatory authorities can act in a global context.

The regulators decided today to develop three main courses of action:

- exchanging information on daily regulatory experience, such as the transition to long run incremental costs, the costing of universal service obligations and competition policy;

- cooperating on a more operational level, for example with regards to cross-border interconnection charges or access of new entrants to international facilities.

- exchanging views and, where appropriate, coordinating ART and OFTEL positions on European issues.

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