Communiqué de presse

Operators publish their second fixed service QoS indicators.

Paris, 13 October 2010

Operators who are providing more than 100,000 subscribers with any form of fixed telephone service (via the switched telephone network, ADSL, cable, etc.) are required to make the results of quality of service measurements available to the public on their website each quarter.

The information released today marks the second of a now recurrent quarterly exercise, and concerns the measurements taken in Q2 2010. The results are available (in French) on the ARCEP website, through a direct link on the page dedicated to monitoring QoS indicators for each operator's fixed telephony services.

The Authority continues to pay careful attention to operators' compliance with the provisions and principles laid out in the decision (1) that sets the list of indicators and the terms of publication, notably operators' obligation to publish all of the indicators that have been certified accurate by the auditor, to provide consumers with understandable, clear and objective information.

To this end, ARCEP is eager to see the swift completion of the work being performed by the French Telecom Federation and telcos on rules of conduct, whose aim is to ensure operators' consistent and transparent publication and communication of the indicators. The Authority specifies that, should operators want to provide additional information on their quality of service when publishing these indicators, this additional information must be distinguished, in their format and location on the page, from those indicators that have bee certified by the auditor and whose publication is stipulated in ARCEP Decision No. 2008-1362 of 4 December 2008.

These quarterly publications provide consumers with relevant information that allows them to track any changes in the quality of a given operator's service over time. ARCEP nevertheless points out that the measurement of certain parameters concerning access can lead to results that are difficult to compare, due to differences in the operators' organization, work methods and information systems.


(1) ARCEP Decision No. 2008-1362 (pdf - 254 Ko) of 4 December 2008 was published in the official gazette of 19 February 2009