Communiqué de presse - Print media distribution

Print Media Distribution

Arcep sets the equalisation amount between press companies

The Bichet Act provides for the creation of a “balanced cost distribution” mechanism which consists of distributing the specific, unavoidable costs induced by the distribution of daily newspapers, between all print media companies that belong to press grouping cooperatives using the services of approved press distribution companies.

The calculation rules for the balanced cost distribution mechanism between print media companies was adopted in November 2021 through an Arcep Decision that follows through on the modelling work that began in 2020, and on stakeholders’ contribution to the two public consultations the Authority held on this topic.

The equalisation amount stands at €5,204,412.70 for the second half of 2020

In the Decision being published today, Arcep sets the equalisation amount for the period running from July to December 2020, of which France Messagerie is the beneficiary, at €5,204,412.70. The Decision also details the adjustment amounts for publishers during this period.

The monthly instalment rate is set at 0.83% of cover price sales

Starting in January 2022 and up to October 2022, grouped press distribution companies will be required to pay a monthly instalment equal to 0.83% of their cover price sales for the previous month, for the press titles that they distribute in Metropolitan and the French overseas territories on behalf of print media companies that belong to a press grouping cooperative.

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