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Protection of Minors

Arcep and CSA hold the first meeting of the Monitoring Committee on the “Protection of minors against online pornography”

Arcep and CSA committed to protecting minors against online pornography  

The first meeting of the Monitoring Committee for the “Protection of minors against online pornography” was held today at the CSA offices, with special guest, Adrien Taquet. The members of this committee include all of the signatories of the pledge of commitment to prevent minors from being exposed to pornographic content: internet service providers, mobile operators, search engines, content providers, device and operating system providers, child protection associations.

Created under the aegis of Adrien Taquet, France’s Secretary of State for Child Protection, and Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, this pledge calls on stakeholders to commit to:

  • Deploying and promoting parental control tools, notably through the creation of a common information portal dedicated to parental control systems;
  • Measuring the use of these instruments by developing relevant indicators for evaluating the levels of use of these systems, which are often deactivated.

Arcep and CSA will assemble this monitoring committee on a monthly basis, to track the progress of the actions being carried out by the stakeholders.

In addition to this joint effort, Arcep and CSA will be creating new areas of collaboration

Arcep and CSA will be developing new areas of collaboration within a division that is common to the two institutions, whose organisational structure will be defined in an agreement that is due to be signed in the coming weeks.

The goal: to draw on their complementary expertise to deepen the technical and economic analysis of digital markets that fall under their purview. The fruits of this collaboration will include the publication of joint studies from Arcep and CSA.