Communiqué de presse

Public consultation on access to mail boxes installed in apartment buildings with controlled access

Paris, 29th November 2007

ARCEP is launching a consultation on how to provide access to mail boxes installed in apartment buildings with controlled access.

An increasing number of apartment building residents are opting for permanently restricted access. Yet, at the same time, changing lifestyles require that more and more service providers frequently enter apartment buildings, to exercise their activity on residents’ request, in particular for distribution or for personal service.

Today, authorised postal operators (1) and press carriers face difficulties gaining access to mail boxes inside apartment buildings with controlled access systems, such as Vigik.

However, article L. 5-10 of the post and electronic communications code (CPCE) states: "In order to be able to distribute postal items, the universal service provider and bearers of the authorisation covered by Article L. 3 have access to individual mail boxes, under identical conditions which are defined by a decree of the Council of State, established following an opinion issued by the Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes".

For this reason, ARCEP is opening a public consultation on the solutions and necessary changes to the effective application of Article L. 5-10 of the CPCE. A number of scenarios are possible, on which ARCEP wishes to collect as many opinions from players as possible. These scenarios aim to reconcile residents’ demand for security and the increase in the number of service providers having to enter apartment buildings to meet residents’ needs.

Using the results of the consultation, ARCEP will examine with all concerned parties the conditions for best providing the right of access to mail boxes to the operators listed in Article L. 5-10 of the CPCE.


(1) Postal items weighing more than 50 g and for a price greater than two-and-a-half times the base rate (  1.35) have been open to competition since 1st January 2006. Operators distributing these items must have been issued an authorisation by ARCEP.