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Publication of a compendium of functional and technical specifications for shared FTTH networks outside very high-density areas

The special committee on fibre to the home (FTTH) is an independent working group, instituted by ARCEP and devoted to examining the technical requirements to be followed when deploying FTTH networks. The committee is composed of some thirty experts from the sector, including representatives of telecom carriers, equipment manufacturers, local authorities, installer/contractor organisations and standardisation bodies.

To help improve the technical harmonisation of FTTH networks, the committee has been working since February 2013 on establishing recommended functional and technical specifications for FTTH network rollouts outside of very high-density areas in France. The aim of these specifications is to future-proof investments in optical fibre networks by ensuring that the deployed infrastructure:
-    can be used by retail market operators;
-    is long-lasting, guaranteeing that it will hold up over time and be able to handle a growing number of FTTH users – up to a penetration rate that it as at least equal to the current use of the legacy copper network;
-    is built and maintained under economically reasonable conditions.

The compendium of specifications drafted by the committee includes:
-    recommendations on the design basis for the different segments of a shared FTTH network, taking into consideration the various types of homes and office units passed ;
-     technical recommendations on the different functional nodes (optical distribution frame, concentration point, distribution point, etc.) that make it possible for an FTTH network to be shared;
-    further general recommendations to help ensure the network is used efficiently by retail market operators.

The first version (in French) of the compendium was completed on 16 October 2013 and is available online.

The intention is for the document to evolve as the need arises, taking account of feedback from the stakeholders in the field and the gradual industrialisation of FTTH-related technologies.