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Arcep launches a complete version of its fixed internet search engine: “Ma connexion internet”

“Ma connexion internet”: a map-based search engine providing information on the access technologies and connection speeds available at a given address.

After releasing the beta version and making a series of changes following feedback from users, today Arcep is launching the complete version of “Ma connexion internet” (My internet connection). This benchmark search engine provides – in map form – fully detailed information on the connection speeds that operators provide for any given address, and for all fixed internet technologies, in Metropolitan France and the overseas departments and territories.

For any given address, the tool displays:

  • All of the operators providing services at that location;
  • Available access technologies: both fixed (fibre, cable, or copper (DSL)) or wireless (fixed 4G, fixed wireless broadband and ultrafast broadband access, satellite) networks;
  • Maximum speeds achievable.


Designed for consumers and businesses wanting information on the connectivity available at their home or work address, “Ma connexion internet” is also aimed at public policymakers: the site provides access to aggregated coverage statistics for municipalities, departments and regions.


Ma connexion internet” is an integral part of Arcep’s data-driven approach to regulation: improving the information available to consumers, businesses and public policymakers, to give them the ability to make informed choices and so making the site a veritable regulatory instrument. In particular, this tool will enable local authorities to establish accurate diagnoses that will help them define and update their digital strategies.

Major developments since the start of beta testing: more complete data, more easily accessible open datasets and improved design

The version being published today delivers:

  • More complete data, more easily accessible open datasets: Arcep has added a number of local operators to its tool. Added to which it is publishing all available eligibility data on “Ma connexion internet” for the first time, including a list of every operator providing services at any given address. Data can be downloaded department by department.
  • Better design: Arcep wanted to improve the quality of users’ map browsing experience and the information’s legibility, including on mobile. As a result, users can now access current and planned technical deployment maps (using the “Carte fibre” tool).

This version of “Ma connexion internet” incorporates updated information as of Q3 2020. Arcep is committed to providing more recent data, and to be providing quarterly updates by the end of the year.

Arcep devoted a great deal of effort to combining the geographical databases at it disposal as seamlessly as possible, and to create the most complete repository of premises and buildings across whole of France. This remains a complex undertaking, and one that falls largely outside the scope of the regulator’s purview. Arcep chose to rely intially on operators’ “enhanced prior information” data, specifically those geared to helping market deployed optical fibre networks, when they are available. This source is supplemented by land registry data and the national address database.

Improving “Ma connexion internet”: Arcep “keeping the bonnet open”

In April 2020, Arcep launched the beta version of its tool, aware that further improvements were needed.

Arcep would like to thank the local authorities, prefectures, operators and data experts who answered the call for feedback when beta testing began. Today it is reiterating this call, to continue to work together on improving the tool. Working groups and interactive workshops will be held to further the process that Arcep is calling “keeping the bonnet open”. To this end, Arcep has made all of the technical documentation on this tool available to anyone who is interested, on a dedicated page on its website.

Arcep will also be publishing superfast broadband and decent broadband access eligibility statistics for each department

In the coming days, for every department in France, Arcep will be publishing:

  • Premises eligibility rates for each technology capable of supplying ultrafast broadband or decent broadband access;
  • A breakdown of premises by the best available technology to supply superfast broadband or decent broadband access.

If all of the data were already available as open datasets, today they are being formatted to deliver “turnkey” information that aligns with the expectations of elected officials and regional digital development stakeholders.

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