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Smart Territories

At its annual “Smart Territories” conference, Arcep delivers a progress report on its digital regional development work

Arcep hosted its annual "Smart Territories" conference on Tuesday, 26 March at the François Mitterrand Library in Paris. The event brought together regional digital development stakeholders.

An event held under the banner of "Commitment"

Arcep used the opportunity to deliver a progress report on the work it is doing to further regional connectivity, this year with the by-word of "commitment": operators' rollout commitments, but also local authorities', the government's and Arcep's commitments. Members of Parliament, local elected officials, federal government representatives all had a chance to share their views on the New Deal for Mobile, the progress being made in regional 4G coverage, and on the status of optical fibre networks being deployed through public and private initiative.

The conference was opened by Jacqueline Gourault, Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, and Julien Denormandie, Minister of State attached to the Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, in charge of the City and Housing, gave the closing talk.

"Smart Territories" report, 2019 edition: everything you need to know about Arcep's regulation in support of smart territories, in thirty fact sheets

Today Arcep is also publishing its report on smart territories, to coincide with the conference. This document provides a detailed account of regional digital development regulation in France, focusing on the core issues and challenges, and explaining the technical work that Arcep is doing. 4G coverage, optical fibre, universal fixed telephone service: the report also looks at the main topics that concerned local authorities in 2019.