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Summary of the contributions in response to the document presenting ART's understanding of relevant markets

ART has received a large number of contributions in response to its document presenting its understanding of relevant markets, which it presented to the sector at a meeting held on 6th March. This response reflects the concerns of sector players regarding this topic. Today ART published a summary of the contributions, available on its Web site.

The contributions gave players the opportunity to make their opinions known on the definition of markets as well on the analysis methodology to be implemented. ART will take all these comments into consideration throughout the entire process, and will continue its market analysis with a concern for transparency and constant dialogue with the sector. As requested by a number of players, when ART presents its draft questionnaires to the sector, it will also submit a broad outline of the market analysis methodology used in drafting the questionnaires and which ART intends to apply throughout the rest of the process. Finally, ART will call on experts on the economy, competition law and regulation issues, who will shed light on both the method used and on the draft questionnaires themselves.

In order to take into account all these requirements, we believe it will be necessary to push back the initial deadlines. The final questionnaires will be mailed in early June, following consultation of players on the draft version. Concerned persons will then have until late July to respond, and the closing meeting for the information collection phase, announced at the 6th March meeting, will be held in the second half of September.

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