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Ten-digit numbering to be applied in Reunion Island on 15 December 2000

13 December 2000

Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (ART) informs consumers that on 15 December, telephone numbering on Reunion Island will change from six to ten digits.

  • The current situation and changes

When the ten-digit system was applied in Metropolitan France on 18 October 1996, Overseas départements were allowed to continue to use the six-digit system along with the ten-digit numbers inside the départements.

However, the extremely rapid development of the telecommunications market in Reunion requires new numbering resources to allow the development of competition and to avoid saturation of resources in the short term.

Therefore, six-digit numbers will no longer be used as of 15 December 2000 in this département (in application of ART decision no. 00-382 dated 26 April 2000).

Since April, telecommunications operators operating in Reunion have been preparing for the measure, in particular notifying all of their subscribers.

  • Numbering after 15 December

- For local calls, callers must dial the complete 10-digit number, e.g. 0 262 48 70 00.

- For calls to Metropolitan France, other DOM, TOM or foreign countries, nothing changes.

  • The timetable for applying the Decision:

- As of 11:00 PM (local time) on 15 December 2000, callers will no longer be able to make six-digit calls within Reunion

- Beginning on this date, callers dialling six-digit numbers will hear a pre-recorded message.

  • What stays the same:

- Subscribers keep the same ten-digit number they have now

- The numbering for calls from foreign countries does not change

- Special numbers with the form 1X, 11X or 10XY remain unchanged

- Short, four-digit numbers (with the form 36PQ) and short six-digit numbers (with the form 083BPQ) also remain unchanged


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