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The 35 candidates having submitted an application are permitted to compete

Paris, 28 June 2006

On 10 January 2006, ARCEP’s observed a scarcity of WLL-Wimax frequency resources. Subsequently, 35 players have submitted applications in the selection procedure for the issue of frequency use authorisations for WLL-Wimax frequencies for the 22 Metropolitan regions, Guyana and Mayotte.

In accordance with texts regulating the current selection procedures, ARCEP has analysed the candidates’ qualifications and determined that all 35 candidates are eligible to compete.

This publication does not prejudice the results of any selection procedures currently being examined.

ARCEP will publish the results of these selection procedures by mid July.

Linked documents

Smiley Decision n° 06-0608 (pdf - 149 Ko) of 20 June 2006 establishing the list of candidates eligible to compete in the selection procedures for wireless local loop frequency usage authorisations is available for downloading Smiley Smiley