Communiqué de presse

The Chairman of ARCEP and his Executive Board in talks with Mr. Jean-Paul Bailly and La Poste senior management

Paris, 9 July 2009

ARCEP Chairman, Mr. Jean-Ludovic Silicani, and all of the members of the Executive Board met this morning with Mr. Jean-Paul Bailly, President of La Poste group who, along with his executive staff, came to outline for ARCEP the strategic directions planned for La Poste in the coming years.

ARCEP and La Poste then engaged in a discussion on the changing shape of regulations governing postal activities, notably in view of the forthcoming process of opening up the entire postal market to competition.

Mr. Bailly underscored the changes currently being experienced by the public company, particularly due to a significant decline in mail delivery operations due to the economic downturn and to more structural technological shifts. He expressed his desire to see La Poste emerge as a "European multi-professional leader in local services" and emphasised his commitment to making mail "the customer relations medium, a model for sustainable development".

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