The Chairman of ARCEP meets with representatives of the Force Ouvrière union.

Paris, 23 April 2012

ARCEP Chairman, Jean-Ludovic Silicani, met today with representatives of the Force Ouvrière union - at their request - to listen to their concerns about the state of employment in electronic communications sector businesses.

After confirming that he understands these concerns, Jean-Ludovic Silicani pointed out that investments in fixed and mobile broadband and superfast broadband networks, along with the development of innovative services, stimulated by fair and regulated competition all contribute to increasing production and jobs and, beyond that, to certain decreases as well. Telecommunications are a central part of the digital economy and a sector where jobs have doubled in 15 years, and expected to continue to enjoy significant growth in the coming years.

Jean-Ludovic Silicani assured union representatives that he would do his utmost to ensure that regulation achieves all of the objectives set by law, namely the creation of a competitive market but also regional development, fostering innovation, the development of infrastructure and business, hence employment opportunities.

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